Digital Content Specialist

Washington, DC
Hi. What if you had to write the Great American Novel in 140 characters? That’s what we’re talking about here – telling stories across social platforms with writing that engages and builds an audience, in just a few words. Not easy right? It takes a real love of words and language, nuance, tone, and imagination.

It also takes knowing the nuts and bolts of a content engine – the editorial platform, and calendar. On top of that, it requires an understanding of brand, including voice and tone. Your words are built on a structure of planning documents that guide each and every post and the creative team behind them. You help concept and develop those content strategy documents as key elements in the creative process.

You’re a copywriter for our digital age, a social word nerd, that also understands the full content marketing ecosystem. You see the internet as a global conversation for the human family, with unlimited potential, and that perspective is what you love about your job. Sound good? Ok keep reading.

You’ll work in a successful and award-winning digital practice alongside like-minded, passionate content and creative professionals as a key member of our team. You’ll help deliver innovative work, and have fun doing it – as part of the DC Digital family.

So if you’re passionate about digital and your content creation and leadership skills, applied through solid teamwork with a positive attitude, you are exactly who we’re looking for. Get your work together and send it over – we’ll take a look and get back to you right away.

You will work across sectors to conceive, develop and produce effective social content campaigns.

Work includes content strategy development, social copywriting for digital platforms, but may also include website copy, taglines, campaign messaging, or radio and video scripts. Writing projects should start with a solid creative idea, so your ability to concept is a necessity.


The digital content specialist must have at least two years of relevant experience in public relations and/or related fields including research, advertising, management consulting, media and publishing.
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