Frequently asked questions


You will not need to post any jobs when you purchase any form of job credit. The credits will remain with your account, and can be used at any time in the future. The main benefit of buying a larger job pack is the reduced cost of each job post.
A sponsored job post will show up at the top of the job board homepage. It will remain at the top with the greater visibility. Only a more recent sponsored post will ever appear above it during the life cycle of the job post.
Jobs will be posted right after the user confirms the option, and pays for the job credit if they haven't already bought a credit in the past. At that time the job will be live on the site. The employer will be able to make certain edits after the job is live.

Job Seeker

DOE stands for depends on experience.
For jobs that use the Digiday Careers application process you will need to log into or create a Digiday Careers account. If the job post is set up to redirect to an employer's own site, you will not need to have a Digiday Careers account. We encourage people to create an account for future use and to sign up with our Careers newsletter to receive emails about the new jobs and events happening at Digiday Careers.