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Ask Digiday Careers: What hiring managers think of your social footprint

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Nowadays, putting it all out there on social media is the expectation, not the exception. As a result, it’s only natural to ask if your social presence is a factor when being considered for a job, especially in digital.

To answer this question, we asked three digital media executives about the importance of your social media footprint. Their answers have been lightly edited for clarity.

Q: How important is a candidate’s social media footprint in the hiring process?

Alexandre Faure, chief strategy officer, Konbini
Crucial! No matter the job, you can’t pretend to be interested in digital media if you’re not an active user of all things social. Your knowledge of main platforms heavily depends on your usage. How can you talk about Snapchat if you’ve never used it? More than knowing about each platform, you have to know how and why you use each one. When do you tweet versus post on Facebook? How do you decide if a photo goes on Instagram or Facebook? Live video or Periscope or Snapchat? All this leaves a trail, a footprint that helps everyone, including recruiters, know you better and see your skills: visually creative, caption artist, an eye for original material…The social footprint is obviously not the only criterion, but it’s definitely taken into consideration, even if just subconsciously.

Kara Eschbach, co-founder, editor-in-chief & publisher, Verily Magazine
I think it depends on the role the candidate is up for. Editors, writers, and social media people are incredibly valuable if they can bring an audience with them, not just their technical skills (as long as they do have the needed skills).

Ryan Harwood, CEO, PureWow
At PureWow, when we’re recruiting someone to join our team, we prioritize culture-fit and professional skill set above anything else. PureWow’s culture is built on being a kind individual, plain and simple. Being nice to our readers, to our partners and to one another. We don’t care about how many followers, likes or retweets a candidate may have, but we do care about the nature of what you’re sharing. If we see evidence of someone not being a high integrity individual on social media, it makes us hit the pause button. In the digital world we live in today, social etiquette is a key element to professional success.

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